Here’s where I share something super personal…

Hey! I figure since I’m getting back into the blogging spirit, I might as well let everyone know who I am, as it is, now.

My name is still Julia, but I’m not a soldier anymore. I’ve been a veteran since September 2012, and I’ve been a college student since this January. I kind of wish I had picked a better school, as I’m becoming disappointed with the quality of professors in this particular institution…

When I started this blog, it was only me. I had no one else, not really. Now that I’m getting back to it, a lot of things have changed.

First! I adopted a puppy. His name is Bosco, and he’s a toy Australian shepherd (was supposed to be a mini…)Image

This is him when he was about three months old, and he’s gotten much bigger and fluffier, but I don’t have a camera to prove it (yet,) so bear with me.

Then, I adopted a new boyfriend. His name is Jeffrey, and I had known him for almost a decade now as Jeff, my sister’s boyfriend’s (now husband’s) friend. He had been in the Marine Corps when I was younger, but now he’s a veteran, and I feel like we both have a lot more in common than I’d ever realized before. It’s nice to be with someone who can understand what it is I’m going through on such an intimate level. We realized we were right for each other over the summer, and moved in to a terrible apartment down in Philadelphia, and before we knew it, we became a family.

With his terrible, vicious little cat (Image), Molly, and myImage older cat (I got her when I was seven. I’m 23 now), we have kind of a full house. Her name is Buttercup (photographic evidence on right.)

We also have a tiny, tiny Pomeranian! Her name is Dinah, seen here with me.  Image

Now, on top of our four tiny pets, we are also expecting. That’s right, expecting. I’m a 23-year-old college student trying to get back on my feet, and now we’re expecting a baby. I’m not showing yet (baby bump pictures will be here when I am), but I’m at around 13 weeks pregnant, and I’m terrified as well as excited. I can’t wait to share this experience with the internet, and I’m really looking forward to anyone who might have more experience than I to let me in on a couple secrets (please?)


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