The Clincher

So, this is probably the most important thing I will ever write on this blog, because if this isn’t interesting, how will I ever convince you to stay and hear me out?

Hi Internet world, my name is Julia, and I’m a soldier.

I was born in New Jersey and spent eighteen years of my life in the middle of the Pennsylvania woods (oh, you mean ALL OF PENNSYLVANIA?) And then it was time for college, and I had the bright idea to join the Army. It seemed like the best way to get out of the house and get all the free college I could ask for, so why not go for it?

We’ll expand on that in time. Right now, this is about me.

I called my blog “Finding Nemo” because I’m a derivative slag and because this is my blog and my nickname is Nemo (my actual last name being too difficult for all of my coworkers and friends to pronounce.) Also, because I’ve come to a realization in my early twenties: I don’t know who I am.

While sitting here thinking of how to describe myself to the world, I think “I am a soldier.” But I’m more than my job. “I am a woman.” But I’m more than my sex. “I am the daughter of Edward and Marianne, the sister of Victoria, the aunt of Stein, and a friend to everyone I know.” But I’m more than who I know. So who am I, without these things?

I’m a twenty-one year-old girl who lives in Washington. I love knitting and reading books as much as I love going to the gym and the bar. I love riding horses and rollercoasters. I appreciate Deathcab for Cutie and Nicki Minaj and Randy Travis and Disturbed. I’m a spunky, righteously angry feminist who will on occasion throw on a string of pearls and make a nice sit-down dinner. My favorite color is blue, but maybe it’s purple, no I think it’s green… In a few months I’m going to go to school for midwifery (or maybe I should be a psychologist… No, definitely a lawyer. No, I could be an acupuncturist!) I think.

And this blog is where I’m going to post stupid pictures, thoughtful rants, favorite poems, and progress on craft projects. Maybe I’ll do something cooler with it someday?



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